The Ins & Outs of Remodeling Your Home

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September 17, 2018
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With another New Year just around the corner, there’s sure to be a lot of talk about making big changes in your life, both literally and figuratively.  After all, a fresh start gives us all a second chance to get things right.  And what better way to start than with remodeling our home!

While most homeowners who have made changes to their home, do so to make it more marketable for selling, there has been an increase in homeowners that are making upgrades to their home for themselves. And that’s perfectly fine too!  The goal in remodeling is to end up with something you not only love while still providing a solid return on investment.

Remodeling Return on Investment

In the realm of home improvement, it’s wise to strive for the highest return on investment possible because it makes a home more marketable and also allows the homeowner to feel good about the work being done because it’s adding value to the property.  Siding and windows perform well because they upgrade both the home’s curb appeal (which is critical for selling your home) and energy efficiency.  Decking is another wise investment because it provides additional outdoor entertainment space.  Indoors, it’s hard to go wrong with a well-executed kitchen or bathroom.

Perks of Not Waiting 

Remodeling now, even if you’re not selling in the immediate future gives homeowners the ability to live in a space that is utilized to its fullest potential.  It’s also extremely rewarding to live in a home that’s a composition of your preferences.  Wouldn’t it be nice to entertain for years to come in the space you custom designed rather than let someone else immediately enjoy the product of your planning?   An advantage to partnering with a reputable contractor on a remodeling project is that they can suggest improvements that will add value in the event that you do want to sell in the future while still helping your reach your remodeling goals.

Weather & Economy

In the Mid-Atlantic, winter is the best time of year to start planning your spring home improvement projects because you have the ability to thoughtfully plan out designs and research the materials you’re interested in.  Not to mention that you may be able to take advantage of discounts purchasing materials during months when construction is not at a peak. That way, when spring commences, the installation process can promptly begin.


The biggest mistake a homeowner can make is rushing through the remodeling process.  Take the time to understand and research the materials being used on your project and the warranty that accompanies them.  Ask your contractor how they guarantee the product installation, in the event that you encounter issues with it after the work is completed. It’s your home and it’s okay to be direct about your vision and budget.

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