Home Remodeling: Skimp or Splurge

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December 17, 2018
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Sooner or later you may join the millions of people who remodel their homes each year. Perhaps it’s at that moment when you realize that avocado green and harvest gold are no longer the “in” colors for today’s trendy kitchens. Or maybe you have an epiphany one day as you stand in line to use your own bathroom. Whatever the reason, the thought crosses your mind: maybe it’s time to start a home remodel. The reasons for home remodeling are as varied as the projects we undertake.

Generally, home remodeling can be a great way to add value and create a more comfortable atmosphere. But, it can be such a tough choice when deciding where to indulge and where to cut back.  But we can help! Here’s the information you need…

Windows: Splurge

Windows are definitely one of those things in your home that you shouldn’t skimp on. When you think about it, your home’s windows are viewed from both the inside and the outside.  Old, worn, or dirty windows can certainly detract from your home’s curb appeal. Windows also act as a physical barrier from Mother Nature.  Opt for triple pane windows to make them energy efficient which in turn will lower your heating and cooling costs.  These windows often have a longer lifespan than cheaper alternatives making them a better financial investment in the long run.

Crown Moldings: Skimp 

Crown molding definitely adds an elegant feel to a room.  But with that, comes a fairly large price tag, especially if it is installed throughout your entire home.  If you really love crown moldings and must have them in your home, save some cash by searching for cost effective materials or try to take advantage of bulk purchasing savings.

Roof: Splurge

Your roof is another area in which it’s wise to splurge. Roof damage from weak roofing materials or other outside forces can lead to some pretty catastrophic issues inside your home. Choose a long lasting roofing material and be sure to work with a company that offers a warranty on roofing materials AND labor.

Light Fixtures: Skimp

There’s nothing wrong with having a few standout light fixtures in your home.  However, outfitting each room with chandeliers and other custom lighting will add up quickly.  These days, it is fairly easy to find cost effective (and trendy) fixtures both online and in big box stores.

Gutters: Splurge

Gutters are oftentimes not something that a homeowner puts a lot of thought into…that is until they’re clogged, leaking, malfunctioning, etc. Their purpose is vital.  Without properly functioning gutters, water can damage your home and landscaping.

Storage: Skimp (on the price, not the actual amount)

When comparing built in storage to freestanding furniture, opt for the freestanding furniture which can be changed out more cost effectively than built in storage.

Carpet: Skimp (on the carpet, not the pad)

The plushest, most expensive carpet is nothing without a good carpet pad beneath it. The purpose of the pad is to help prevent shedding, wearing and matting of the carpet above it. Therefore, a high-quality pad can help extend the life of a mid-priced carpet and make it look and feel more expensive. Don’t go too cheap, however, because inexpensive carpet has a tendency to wear out much more quickly than it’s higher quality version.

Appliances: Splurge

High-quality appliances save money in the long run, because you don’t have to replace them as often. Keep your floor plan in mind. A quiet dishwasher might cost more, but it’s a blessing with an open floor plan. Don’t overspend on fancy features you won’t need or use; you certainly don’t need a $5,000 professional range if you rarely cook.