How to Avoid Winter Weather Damage to Your Home

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How to Avoid Winter Weather Damage to Your Home

It’s coming folks! Winter weather is on its way! Winter on the East Cost is not only cold; it’s long and sometimes brutal. It can also mean endless possibilities for winter weather damage to occur to your home due to snow, ice and other unforeseen circumstances.


Making the right moves to stave off winter weather damage down the road is critical when dealing with unpredictable Mother Nature. Below are some ways to protect your home as we head into the season.

Check the Roof

Being oblivious to heavy snowfall and varying temperatures can cause severe damage to your roof. “Ice dams”, which are caused by the warming and refreezing of snow and ice on warmer areas of your roof, are a major cause for concern. Make sure that you have adequate insulation and ventilation in your roof cavity to avoid water getting inside your roof, and even worse, your home. Be aware of the weight that snow and ice can add to your roof and remove it properly with the help of a tool such as a roof rake or by enlisting a snow removal professional.

Protect your Pipes

One of the number one issues with drastically cold temperatures is the risk of frozen pipes. It is important that your heat should not fall less than 65 degrees in your home during the cold winter months to ensure your pipes will be in fine working order. Pipes that are near exterior walls are most at risk. It is recommended that pipes that are vulnerable to freezing temperatures be insulated. It is also recommended that you leave a very small stream of water running in sink faucets. Moving water does not freeze as quickly and will prevent icing. However, it is wise to be cautious about water consumption.

Trim Dead Branches

This is a critical home maintenance task that many homeowners ignore when cold weather begins to set in. Snow and ice can put a very heavy load on your trees. Ensuring that you take good care of the trees that are near your home is essential in avoiding broken windows, a collapsed roof, or even worse, injuring someone on your property. Trimming your trees is best to do in the fall, but in dire circumstances, they can be trimmed in the cold winter months.

Fireplace Hazards

Sitting by your roaring fire is not only cozy, but sometimes a necessity when the polar vortex hits as it has in years past. Having a wood fireplace comes with a laundry list of maintenance. If not properly cleaned once a year, it can greatly increase your risk of a home fire. It is recommended to perform your yearly maintenance before the first light.

Seal Up 

The smallest of gaps and cracks on the exterior portion of your home can turn into a gigantic problem with snow and ice.  The snow and ice melt can get trapped in small holes and cause serious damage to your foundation of your home because it will expand when frozen again.